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Duration: 5' 30"

Instrumentation & year/s of composition:

Solo Organ (2015-17)

Programme note:

The Latin word Adventus can be used either as a noun or as a verb. When used as an intransitive verb (a sense or use of a verb not taking a direct object, e.g. 'look' in look at the sky) Adventus has the following meanings:

i. arrive at, reach, be brought
ii. come to, arrive
iii. develop, set in, arise

Source: Oxford Latin Dictionary, 1982

All of the above definitions aptly describe aspects of the piece as it unfolds and develops. As a composer I often prefer to allow the listener to find their own narrative/s in my
work, rather than impose these through means of a programme note. The piece and the title are not necessarily connected with Advent.


Worcester Cathedral, UK, 30th November 2017
Ashley Wagner, organ

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